Friday 22 May 2015


This is one of the things that characterize the month of May and which I hate: the mayflies. They are flying everywhere these days. Disgusting, ugly, swarming mayflies. I walk in the morning I see them, flying above the streets or by shops and pubs windows. In the afternoon and evening it is even worse. They seem to enjoy particularly narrow pathways and this town is full of them. The husband of one of my wife's friend says it is near the River Thames where they truly gather in swarms, something to do with the humidity. What a way to spoil the beauty of a legendary river. Especially in this town , as the Thames and its banks are truly stunningly beautiful.(And parenthesis: yes the Thames does not only flow through London). Anyway, although I grunt, I should not complain too much: if anything mayflies announce in their own way warmer days and summer. And if you read my previous post, you can see the kind of May they are having back home. I think I'd rather have the flies. In French mayflies are called "éphémères" because they allegedly live for one day. Another reason why I will try not to complain: they won't stay for long.

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jaz@octoberfarm said...

i do think they only live for one day. we don't always have them but when we do, they are awful. i'd rather have snow.