Sunday 31 May 2015

A cure for Sunday melancholia

I recently discovered this beer a few Sundays ago, in a local pub: Dr Hexter's Healer, from West Berkshire Brewery. I don't think I ever had a drink from this brewery, but then again England is full of local microbreweries and it becomes difficult to keep record of everyone you tried. This particular beer is a bitter (a strong bitter actually, as the label says, although I don't consider 5% strong personally). According to its webpage, it won many, many prizes (for which I am not surprised). For many reasons, Dr Hexter's Healer might become my Sunday beer of choice.

Firstly because it is a great tasting beer. I didn't know it had won many prices when I tried it, but it did not surprise me in the last. I am biased toward darker beers and bitters in general, so I am glad when beer aficionados and connoisseurs agree with me. A bitter is also fitting for a Sunday. The last day of the weekend, it always makes me feel melancholic. There is something bittersweet, if not downright bitter, about Sunday. So again, this beer fits the mood perfectly. Because it is a bitter for a bitter day. Dark as a beer should be. And then there's its name: Dr Hexter's Healer. Drinking good beer makes me feel good, or at least better and I often have a beer on Sunday in a pub to enjoy the end of the weekend. So the name is fitting to its effect and its use. This is therefore my new cure for Sunday melancholia.


PJ said...

Prizes, pas prices. Comme dans The Price is Right, you have to guess the price to win the prize.

Guillaume said...

Bon, j'ai corrigé.