Sunday 12 April 2015

British slang and a great unknown line

I don't know if my readers outside the UK have heard of the word "chav", which could be freely translated by "white trash". Yesterday, I received a perfect example of what is/looks like a chav. My wife and I were walking with her friend, her friend's daughter (this daughter), her daughter's friend and her grandson (yes, my wife's friend is a young grandmother). Her grandson was in his push chair when the young grandma asked me: "Could you please push it while I am having a cigarette? Otherwise I will look way too chavy." What mattered more to me was that the smoke was thus not too close to the toddler, so he wouldn't have to breath it. But chavs would not care about it at all, so I guess that she is not a chavette (or a chavy granny?). And I am glad, because not only would I have found smoking close to a toddler wrong on so many levels and utterly inconsiderate, but I really don't like chavy behavior in general. Anyway, the line really made us laugh, so I think it deserves to be a great unknown line.

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