Thursday 2 April 2015

Easter at the door

It is Maundy Thursday today. So Easter is at the door. Lent is nearly over. Often I barely feel the time leading to Easter. Easter just happens. On the way there, the many Easter decorations on display in the shops. (By the way, the picture on this post was taken in a shop in Henley, which I think has a fitting name for a post on Easter.) Sometimes it happens too fast, especially when Easter is in March. This year, since it comes in early April, I find it coming at an adequate time. Anyway, Maundy Thursday evening is the beginning of the Easter holiday, the moment when you can really start looking forward to Easter. The whole forty something days before, it is a long, long wait.

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Agost said...

You totally should watch House of Cards, trust me on this.
Have a happy Easter!