Monday 27 April 2015

April in all its treachery

This evening as I was walking home from the station, I bumped into my Italian friend (I really, really need to find pseudonyms for the blog) and her boyfriend. Something struck me right away: she was wearing a red winter coat. Well, I say winter, more like a winter coat for here, not much of a winter coat were I come from. I was wearing my autumn/spring Kanuk coat. And it struck me: I had started wearing it back since yesterday. After about two weeks of warm weather, of a Spring that felt like Spring, when I could have short sleeves, April as it is about to end decided to be cold and nasty. And what surprised me was that I was not even surprised. April was very much like I expected it to be eventually.


jaz@octoberfarm said...

it snowed here on saturday. i loved it!

Nellie said...

April has taken a turn for cool weather here, too. Freeze warnings in areas not far away.