Friday 10 April 2015

A fish finger sandwich

It is Friday, so as it is a weekend tradition I am plugging a meal from a specific restaurant. Here, a rather plain, utterly unexciting meal from an unexciting place: the Olive Tree restaurant in Southampton Airport. You can't get more banal than a plain old fish finger sandwich with chips. Yet last week, waiting for the plane, hungry, it was exactly what I wanted and it is exactly what I got. It was both filling and delicious. And cheap too, as you can see on the menu: £6.25. In an airport, finding a meal that is not a ripoff is in itself an exploit. Oh and you cannot see it here, but I asked for mayonnaise to go with the chips. I might make some myself one night, just for fun.


Nellie said...

We love fish, too, and that was our dinner tonight! Country style fried potatoes and onions were a good side dish.:) Happy week-end!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

we just finished fried fish sandwich season in these parts. have a good weekend!