Saturday 29 March 2014

The fish at The Three Tuns in Henley

I am again, as it is Saturday and the weekend, carrying on the tradition of plugging a meal from a particular pub or restaurant. Today, I give something for the fish eaters among you, if they ever visit the beautiful town of Henley-on-Thames. What you can see underneath the carrots is marlin, the catch of the day on offer in The Three Tuns. In pubs, I often order the catch of the day and so far this is what I ordered at every visit at The Three Tuns. I was never disappointed. The pub itself is pretty unassuming, a small place easy to miss in the center of the town. But the food is great and the service impeccable, efficient and friendly. So far I did not try more than the soup and the fish on the menu, but I am confident about the rest too. In any case, you can't go wrong with their fish.

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