Sunday 16 March 2014

Italian grappa

Last week, on Sunday, my Italian friend (I need to find them nickname for here one day as I have at least two, one from my time back at uni and one former colleague) invited my wife and I for a Sunday dinner. I will blog about the menu another time. I wanted to mention a discovery at this evening: grappa. I very rarely take spirits and/or have digestives and when I do it often ends up with me getting a powerful headache. not this time. I tried two sorts, one at 35% and one at 50%. The stronger spirit was actually the easier to drink, to my great surprise. It was delicious and it did not leave me with a headache and I did not struggle to sleep afterwards. So I think I will turn into a grappa drinker. Not every night of course, but it will become another element of Italian civilization I will integrate. Italians just know how to live.


jaz@octoberfarm said...

my introduction to grappa was in milan! an experience i will never forget!

Guillaume said...

I was introduced to a lot of things in Italy, but never to grappa. I haven't bought a bottle of it yet.