Tuesday 18 March 2014

Snowy Owl

This picture was taken at the Natural History Museum and this post is another one where I share what I saw there.It is of course a stuffed snowy owl. Not a fresh one, as the museum does not renew its stock of stuffed animals, as to not encourage the killing of animals. Its colours are not the freshest ones, but all the same, it is a beautiful snowy owl.
Of course, nowadays people associate the bird with Hedwig, but for me it is the official bird of Québec. They mentioned on the little card at the feet of the owl that it lived in the arctic tundra and northern islands. But I have seen them in the wild as far south as... my parents' garden. The birds mangers my father had placed to attract birds also attracted their predators, including a snowy owl. It is quite impressive to see one live. With its round head, dark eyes and fluffy looking feathers, it looks like a cuddly plush, but it is a ferocious predator. I don't mind, I am very fond of them.


jaz@octoberfarm said...

sort of like teddy, very cute but deadly!

Guillaume said...

Teddy is deadly? I didn't know.