Saturday, 22 March 2014

The bangers and mash at Mildred's

This is my traditional weekend/Saturday post, when I plug a meal in a pub or a restaurant. This time, I am going to mention Mildred's, a vegetarian (but not vegan) restaurant in London, a very popular venue. I have been to Mildred's only twice, but every time the experience was a delight. The eating part of it anyway, the waiting, not so much. I said it is very popular and it is, almost too much. People queue to get in from outside. It is also not easy to find and its surroundings in a narrow alley in Soho is far from pleasant. That said, the food is delicious, and the restaurant itself, if packed, is lovely. I had twice the bangers and mash, a regular on their menu. It is made with tofu and white beans sausages, a carrot, parsnip and potato mash, and a pear cider gravy. Oh, and wilted kale in lieu of sauerkraut.What makes the dish truly unique are the mash and the gravy. It is filling and unlike bangers and mash it tastes healthy. Not that I mind hearty, fatty bangers and mash, but it is nice to eat something filling yet balanced. I don't regret not having meat when I go to Mildred's, and this is no small praise from the meat eater that I am.


jaz@octoberfarm said...

this looks so much better than the bangers and mash i can get here! i love a good vegetarian substitute which ends up being better than the real thing!

Guillaume said...

It is a delicious bangers and mash. I love the dish, but I got more demanding with every time I order one. This one never disappointed.