Thursday 6 March 2014

Working Life (Tales of Mere Existence)

I have discovered a few months ago the Tales of Mere Existence by Levni Yilmaz. They are short (in)animated films, basically static cartoons, which talk of, well, life and existence. They are really fun to watch, if you love caustic humour. I was thinking about uploading one here, but was not sure which one, then chose "Various Jobs I could Get". Because it looks like my own working life, past and present. I applied to many similar jobs, I even had a few very similar to those he describes. I also got offered a job as a video-game tester, which I turned down because there were better opportunities around the corner, including the job I have now. And the state of mind of the narrator is often akin to mine, and I suspect many, many, many workers. So here it is.


Sunshineshelle said...

My daughter is doing her Year 12 art assignment on 'existence' definitely will show her this... The Peter Pan job looks ok, if people pay you for it ;) thanks for visiting, I saw your comment on Debra's 'she who seeks' blog and thought your name was cool, and you liked Cate Blanchett for an Oscar win, so just one press and thought your post cool and commented, in the virtual world, sorta 1 degree of separation :) and pleased to meet you!

Guillaume said...

Well, thanks for reading, commenting and now following my blog! Please to meet you too.