Friday 28 March 2014

Ending March (or almost)

It is not the last day of the month, but it is the last Friday of the month, which means that by any practical means, it feels like the month is ending, even though it is only about to end. I am rambling I know. But I find it often feels like the end of the month on the last Friday of the month more than at the true end of the month. April is looming already. And Springtime... Well, Springtime, never so much, often not until May. I like March enough as a month, because of one celebration mainly (guess which one), but the month is rarely nice through and through. It certainly was not this year, but it was nicer than last year I guess. Flowers have already started blossoming, for one. March is grey, it is a very grey month. Spring does not look like Spring much in March. Sometimes I think March should be a season.

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Gwen Buchanan said...

I'm looking forward to April.. Hopefully it will the most pleasant month of 2014 so wouldn't be too hard.