Friday 21 March 2014

Insomnia (Tales of Mere Existence)

Here is another Tale of Mere Existence by Lev Yilmaz. I blogged about them recently, thought I would wait a bit until I re-upload a video of one on my blog, then recently I have been struggling to sleep and this illustrates perfectly the suffering and state of mind of an insomniac. So I thought about sharing it with my readership.


Mantan Calaveras said...

Start relaxing your muscles, starting from the toes and working your way up.

By the time you reach you're knees, you'll probably be out. I don't know why, but it seems to have something to do with the same phenomena as sleep paralysis. Something about getting your legs to fall asleep, causes the rest of you to drop out.

Mantan Calaveras said...

Or you could always try this one,

Guillaume said...

Thank you for the tips.