Monday 17 March 2014

Guinness is good for you

Yes, Guinness is good for you, even if you only had two on St-Patrick's Day, like me this year (and last year too), because well it is full of good stuff in it and just because. But this year, I had another reason to enjoy Guinness: the company boycotted St-Patrick's Day parade in New York because the organizers, out of some flimsy, stupid Catholic objections, would not let gays and lesbians groups be part of it. So I am glad the company was not timorous and did the right thing, which sent the right message. Culture is not faith, or obedience to the backward views of a faith.

Anyway, as St Paddy's Day is about to end here, I am uploading another Irish song, Irish Rover. Sung, again, by the Dubliners. New York is mentioned, so it is fitting. And since the song is really upbeat, it will end the day with a bang.

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