Saturday 8 March 2014

Pele's Hair

I took this picture in my recent visit at the National History Museum. This is Pele's Hair, named after the Hawaiian goddess Pele. But in fact, it is a product of a volcano, volcanic glass to be precise. It is absolutely beautiful, looking like hair made of still fire. I am not the volcano buff in the family, the one who really had a fascination about them is my brother PJ. He made a presentation about them in primary school. That said, I do find the subject very interesting and I love the influence volcanoes had on mythologies around the world. I did not stay very long in this section of the museum, I was more interested about animal life than geology, but I am glad I took time to read about it and take a picture of Pele's hair.


jaz@octoberfarm said...

that is so cool!

Guillaume said...

It is an amazing thing.