Monday, 29 October 2012

Hobgoblin, the beer of Halloween

To all the beer lovers who are also Halloween aficionados, the holiday would not be completed without at least one pint of Hobgoblin (or Scarecrow if you can find any) by Wychwood Brewery. I plugged the beer last year, but I thought to do it again this year. 1)Because it is delicious. 2)Because both the drink and the label on the bottle are perfect for Halloween. 3)Because the label changes every year. This year it is quite a success, I think, with the Hobgoblin holding two Jack O'Lanterns. I drank two this month, which is not that many. As Halloween is on a weekday this year, and I avoid alcohol on weekdays (it disturbs my sleep), I will probably not drink more Hobgoblin. A shame. As an adult, I find drinking such spooky themed beer a proper way to celebrate Halloween, which is also, like many autumn celebrations, a celebration of harvest. And since beer is made of barley and wheat, it is maybe the alcohol of harvest. And this one is dark and has a hobgoblin on the label. So here it is. Drink it if you can.


PJ said...

Sais-tu, je bois pas mal de bière (par rapport à mon habitude) ces temps-ci. C'est des trucs saisonniers, mais plus début d'automne. Je dirais pas non à quelque chose de plus Halloween.

suzanne said...

Love the label! I was able to try several Halloween-themed beers this year (thanks to a trip to the U.S.). None of them compared to MacAuslan's which remains my favourite.

Guillaume said...

@PJ-La bière c'est la boisson de l'automne.
@Halloween Spirit-Nothing compares to McAuslan's products.