Saturday 27 October 2012

Pumpkin Ghoulash

This is a quick countdown to Halloween post and another that is about food. I am not the biggest fan of tinned soups, but some companies really make great soups just like the ones you would find at home. I love the ones made by Covent Garden Soup Co. They have a soup of the month, which every October is of course Halloween themed (I mentioned one back in 2008): it is a Pumpkin Ghoulash soup. Notice the voluntary mispelling of goulash. You can even find the recipe on the website. I am plugging it on Vraie Fiction today because it is absolutely delicious. It has just as much if not more carrots and other things as it has pumpkin. But it is a very much a seasonal, autumnal soup. It is hearty and filling and delicious. I love soup when it is hearty. When I have a cold like now, soups such as this goulash give me energy, sooth the pain in my throat and nose and overall bring me back to life. The Pumpkin Ghoulash also gives you two portions of fruits and vegs, which makes it almost too good for the gluttonous nature of Halloween. Still, it is perfect comfort food. And it is made of pumpkin. So it is my Halloween soup and I think I will eat it on Halloween night.

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suzanne said...

I wouldn't have been able to resist this either :)