Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Fiendish Fancies (Halloween treats)

This is another quick countdown to Halloween post. It is a trivial one too, I suppose, although it might say something about me and about us, Halloween aficionados. I discovered French Fancy cakes in England, back in my first year here. When I was doing my Master degree, we often had tea before a specialist came to a seminar and there was always biscuits and French Fancies. I have never been a big fan, of this or indeed any of My Kipling's products, but I enjoyed them all right. I have no idea why it is called a French Fancy.

Anyway, during Halloween, they are rechristened Fiendish Fancies, which is a bit silly, but there you go. If you don't know it yet, I have a sweet tooth. I mean I get ravenous for sugar sometimes. My love for Halloween is based on many things, one of them being the scary nature of it, another being the gluttonous aspect of it, in our modern age expressed by the trick or treat ritual. As an adult, I don't go trick or treating, but instead I buy desserts and sweets that are Halloween related. So, while I never buy French Fancies usually, I shamelessly bought Fiendish Fancies on a whim, the moment I saw them in a shop. I think I am a sucker. I took a picture of the box, which is quite cool, and worth a purchase in itself. You cannot see the cakes well, but you can see the sugar content on the bottom left. As I mentioned, I have a sweet tooth.


suzanne said...

Silly, yes, but I can never resist special Halloween treats :O)

The Artful Gypsy aka Wendy the Very Good Witch said...

So the question is...are they chocolate? I like the packaging though, but the name isn't that great. Fiendish and Fancy just don't seem to go together well. But I don't fault you for buying them, I'd probably buy them too! :o)