Saturday, 20 October 2012

A Jack O'Lantern tale

This is my second countdown to Halloween post today. The first one you can read here. This picture I took from this book and drawn by this great artist. Jack looks like Sisyphus on this image, which I think is fitting. The Jack before he gained the latern, I always picture him like this old man, with the lantern chained to him, as punishment. I was looking for another retelling of the legend to post/upload here in Vraie Fiction. I have written my own take on the tale, which you can read here (for part 1) and here (for part 2). I am proud of these posts, of this story I wrote. I am trying to write a Halloween story this year, but I find it quite difficult this time. I hope I can produce something readable until Halloween. Anyway, until Halloween, and as the night is getting closer and closer, I thought I would upload another story of Jack O'Lantern, which I found on YouTube. It was taken from Spooky Maryland. I did not read it and I am not even sure the video is the complete story. But I love the atmosphere. And we need more Jack O'Lantern stories: the soul has been roaming this earth for centuries, after all. In any case, here it is. Tell me if you enjoy it or not.

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Gwen Buchanan said...

It does kind of make you wonder if the entire tale is on the video but maybe that is what makes it mysterious! she is a good reader.