Thursday 11 October 2012

The Detective Tales cover for October

Like I do every month, I upload tonight a cover from Detective Tales magazine and comment on the pulp cover. But this October marks a difference in this blog's tradition: it is the very first time that I upload one on Vraie Fiction in October. As this month is all about Halloween, my mind is mainly on horror stories, not on crime fiction. So I wanted, like I did this September, to have a cover that could also belong to a horror story and which I could include in my Halloween countdown. I rarely mix genres, but I think this time it is required. So decided to upload the cover from October 1948, showing a blonde damsel in distress answering the door to some sinister fellow, taking off his mask and revealing himself as a sort of Monster of Frankenstein lookalike. I don't think it is merely a hoodlum, he must be a living dead of some sort, with a face grey like this. I wouldn't be surprised if the story has elements of supernatural. I don't envy the blonde. This seems to be one nasty tenant.