Monday 30 June 2008

Little tiger in Cambridge

My wife and I spent this weekend in Cambridge to see the brother-in-law and family (his wife and our niece), and I made myself a new feline friend: their house cat. I knew him from before, but he got really friendly this time. Not only with me though: Frankie (that's his name) is almost as affectionate as a dog (it's because he is a Burmese cat, said my brother-in-law). Anyway, he is such a beautiful cat, he moves like a tiger and his fur is almost the colour of a tiger. I once made the comparison to my niece (who wasn't my niece then), and she said "He is a little tiger really". Smart child. She is right too: Frankie is a hunter and often brings dead birds he caught. He is friendly with kittens but does not accept any competition in the house. he scared one of his little friends like this on Sunday morning: he was playing gently outside with him, but the kitten (a black furry cat) got in the house and tried to be friendly with us. Frankie made him go away and chased him down by the cars, keeping the kitten at a distance. Then he rubbed against my wife and I, as if he was saying "those humans are my property". I love cats.

Anyway, we had a nice time with the family anyway. It was a weekend of eating excesses: lasagna for dinner (the best lasagna I ever had, bare none, I will try it here and give the recipe on this very blog), gulped down with delicious red wine, salad to have something green and healthy with it (and lots of vinaigrette to make it not so healthy), apple and lemon pies for dessert, then next morning breakfast with croissants (I had three, including two chocolatines, because I love being excessive during weekends, especially when we are away). I love croissants, and I suspect somebody tipped them about my breakfast preferences. Then we went to town and we book hunt for most of the morning. I got a new Calvin & Hobbes (will write more about it) and my wife got the usual cookey books (she will not use them much I suspect, but we bought them in a second-hand bookstore so they were cheap). Cambridge has a great Borders with lots of choice, I was like a kid in a candy store. So was the niece, but she was more interested about the teddy bears. I tried to get her interested about Calvin and Hobbes, to no avail. (I am always on the lookout for future gifts, it makes my life easier on birthdays). Anyway, who needs teddy bears (and she has plenty) when she has a beautiful cat? Especially a cat as cuddly as he is.

Well, all this to say that we had a lovely weekend in Cambridge. And that cats are sometimes little tigers.


PJ said...

Dis-moi au moins qu'en Angleterre, la présence de chat n'est pas lié à avoir une toilette qui donne sur la cuisine...

PJ said...

"liée"... maudites fautes de tape