Thursday 12 June 2008

No comment?

Well, I am a bit worried these days about this blog. While the entries usually get a few comments, now they got none! Last time I got a comment was on Friday 6 June, almost a week ago, and it wasn't a very smart entry. I am starting to feel like I'm blogging to myself and I am a tiny bit schizo. My entry on Persépolis, which I was quite proud of, got unnoticed. I better have a go at Nadine Dorries again, it got some reactions and even brought me a bit of internet fame. When you want to get people reacting, be controversial.


holly wynne said...

We're still here :). I, for one, am possibly just self-absorbed. Keep writing.

PJ said...

Sans commentaire.

Sans blague, comme pour des billets de blogues, des fois, on a juste pas l'inspiration pour faire un commentaire pertinent.

Guillaume said...

Holly-Yes, I guess I am self-absorbed too. I have two different readership as well: one French speaking and one Enligh speaking, so I guess it makes it more difficult for people to get hooked.

PJ-Oui, il y a un peu ça aussi. beaycoup préfèrent lire plutôt qu'écrire.

Eugenie said...

You have run into the blog limbo called "OMG Nobody/Who Reads My Blog!?" People will still checking it but won't tell you, and you will be forever wondering if anyone even notices.

(Wonder why I only write every so often?)