Tuesday 24 June 2008

Bagels pour la Saint-Jean

J'ai décidé d'avoir des bagels pour mon souper de la Saint-Jean, comme j'avais déjà mangé de la poutine pour dîner. C'est moins pittoresque, mais c'est délicieux, santé et Montréal a après tout la réputation de faire des bagels meilleurs que ceux de New York. Hélas, je n'avais pas de bagels montréalais. Et il me manquait des câpres.
I had bagels and smoked salmons for dinner, as I had the poutine earlier. Bagels aren't as typical for a National Day, but they are delicious and healthier. And somewhat typical of Montreal. Sadly, the bagels I have are not from Montreal. And the capers were missing. So here's the perfect recipe for a great bagel: bagel (duh!), soft cheese, fresh tomato slices, fresh red onions, smoked salmon and capers. Tonight's meal was almost perfect.


holly wynne said...

Yum! I had a similar meal yesterday at a local coffee shop--scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, herbed cream cheese, red onions, and capers, with a side of fried potatoes and toast. And coffee, of course. Now I'm hungry again...

Guillaume said...

Never had smoked salmon in the morning, I usually have it with a beer (maybe this explains that). If you like bagels, you got to try those in Montreal. They are maybe the best in the world. They sure are the best I ever had.