Wednesday 25 June 2008

Cracker with Robbie Coltrane

Another litttle treasure I found on youtube, the introduction scene of the very first episode of Cracker. It was great police drama, written by Jimmy McGovern. It made me discover Christopher Eccleston and rediscover Robbie Coltrane (I knew him from his small roles in Goldeneye and Henry V). The main character, Dr. Edmond "Fitz" Fitzgerald, was a psychologist assisting the police to solve crime, while trying to save his marriage, on the verge of destruction because of his alcoholism, compulsive gambling and overall unpleasantness. It was great stuff, crime drama set in the North of England (in glorious Manchester), it had a perfect blend of violence (never gratuitious, violence in Cracker was a fatality), Catholic guilt (Fitz was a lapsed Catholic) and social pessimism. Anyway, here's the proof that Robbie Coltrane can play something else than Hagrid. The scene is cut and not very well, but it gives you an idea:

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