Saturday 7 June 2008

Saturday is another sunny day

Is it going to actually be summer for all summer? I sure hope so. It's sunny anyway. I am in the mood for some Pimm's, for walking outside, for reading outside (I am deep into Persepolis and the character's European experience, I expect to finish it today, then I'll read something more escapist), for listening to summery music (I think I might drive my wife crazy with Underneath the Mango Tree, which I will probably listen to a thousand times today, I wish I had some Harry Belafonte CD's, I can't find what I want on youtube).


Devadar said...

Je pourrais toujours d'e-mailer une coupe de mp3.

Guillaume said...

Ca serait bien, merci. On peut les mettre sur le blogue, les mp3?