Thursday 26 June 2008

Another day in Windsor

I spent another day in Windsor. It's lovely to be there, not so difficult to get there, but it's a Hell of a journey back. My legs are killing me and I'm exhausted. I'll try to write a long blog entry another day. I'll just give my impressions of Windsor to posterity. It's lovely, as you know, there is a huge gigantic castle that dates back to William the Conqueror. For a medievalist like me, it's happytown. It has lots of nice restaurants (including a burger place I want to visit), at least one Wetherspoon that does not look too bland, and this is a boost for me as it means I can have access to real ales at a decent price. There is a Waterstone, but sadly it does not have as much choice as many other Waterstones I have been to. I even think the one in Maidenhead is better furnished. There is one real downside to Windsor: it's so full of tourists. Yes, you know that already, I just can't stand them. I never felt like Liverpool was invaded, and it probably was, but Windsor is so small you can't miss them.

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