Thursday, 14 June 2018

Wolfie and the Big Bad Wolf

Recently, my wife and Wolfie went to Legoland with a friend of my wife and her daughter. It saddens me that I could not be there, because they enjoyed themselves a lot. And there was a little boat ride with a section of fairy tales. My wife took this picture for me. I think I would have enjoyed it. Now Wolfie is very familiar with the Big Bad Wolf. He has two plush toys of wolves, including Lufsig, and he loves them both, even though they both have fangs and look nasty. This one is not nearly as scary, even if he is trying to fool Little Red Riding Hood. But all the same, fairytale characters made of Legos, that's just so very, very cool. And I wish I had shared this moment and others with my son.

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Ariane said...

Don't worry - there will be lots of other precious moments. you can share with him.