Thursday, 28 June 2018

Hobgoblin, the crisps

My readers know how much I love beer and how much I love Wychwood Brewery's Hobgoblin. I love everything about it: its look, its taste, its label and the way Wychwood uses British folklore. Well, I discovered last year, at total random, that they also sell crisps. To be precise, the Spit Roast Steak flavour Hand Cooked Potato Chips. Now that is a mouthful, in more than one way. I found this bag in the vending machine of my previous working place. It was during my lunch break and I hurried up to buy the bag, as there was only one left in the whole machine. I rarely eat crisps when it is not on a Friday, but thought I'd treat myself then and there and I had to cease the opportunity.

So what was the verdict? Delicious, and even though I know there was no true steak in it... It did taste like steak. Not like roasted venison as the bag seems to indicate, but that does not matter: it is as if little imps had flavoured it with the result of their hunt, as the picture on the back of the bag seems to indicate. I must confess, I am truly a sucker for Wychwood's imagery: I could have kept the bag, I thought the drawings were so darn cool. The only problem is that I had no Hobgoblin beer to go with the crisps. Maybe next time. Because believe it or not, I haven't had these crisps since then.

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