Saturday, 16 June 2018


I have not done this in a whole, so here is today's reading suggestion: Glitz by Elmore Leonard. The first novel I read from the master and, like for Stephen King before me, the one that got me hooked. So what's this about? Lt. Vincent Mora of Miami is convalescing in Puerto Rico after being shot by a mugger while he was off duty. There he meets local beauty (and prostitute) Iris, while being stalked by former convict Teddy Magyk. Teddy is a small-time criminal and a pathetic loser, he's also a rapist of elderly ladies, a murderer, in sum a very dangerous man. And he wants to kill the Miami cop who sent him in. Mora is resilient, but Teddy is relentless. It's a tense cat and mouse chase where cat and mouse switch roles, the baits are corpses and a true page turner with character and soul.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

I've always meant to read some Elmore Leonard but have never done so. I know he is reputed to be the contemporary heir of all those great old-time hardboiled detective noir novel writers like Chandler and Hammett.

Thought of you recently, Guillaume, when Davids Tea was in the news concerning its corporate turmoil and sliding profitability --