Tuesday, 5 June 2018

A version of Hansel & Gretel

I saw this book in a coffee shop, in its children section. I did not have the time to read it to little Wolfie, but I took a snapshot to make sure I would remember it and try to find it later to buy it to my son, as he seemed really interested by its cover. I love dark, old fairy tales and Hansel and Gretel is among my favourite (I love stories with scary evil witches that get their comeuppance). I have the original from the Brothers Grimm, but I wanted one version that is more suitable for children (if that makes sense). Okay, so this one looks a bit too light for my taste: I prefer darker colours and and the clothes of Hansel and Gretel look too modern. But it will do for now, and beside I have one from the same collection, so it would make sense I buy this book and not another take. Or actually, why not buy many more and see which one I, errr... I mean, Wolfie prefers?

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