Thursday, 28 July 2016

Lufsig for little Wolfie

I blogged recently that I was looking for a wolf plush toy for my son, in fact, that I was looking for this particular plush wolf, by IKEA, called Lufsig. Well, it didn't take me long in the end: I ordered it that very night and it arrived on Tuesday. So here he is, Lufsig the Big Bad Wolf, holding his snack (a grandma). He is not nearly as impressive in real life and not as big and stuffed as I thought, but he is cool all the same. The Big Bad Wolf for our little Wolfie. As long as Lufsig does not eat our son's grandmothers, he'll be a welcomed addition to his plush toys' menagerie. But even if he does, he can swallow them whole and you can open his tummy (there's even velcro).


jaz@octoberfarm said...

i might want one of those.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

"Oh, what big teeth you have!"