Friday, 29 July 2016

A beer named Off the Rails?

I had this pint of beer at the local pub by the railway station. I blogged a number of times about this pub, it is the first one I discovered when I first came to this town for a job interview, it is the first pub the visitor sees when he comes here by train, in the evening it is full of commuters stopping there on their way back home. My wife and I really love it, even though it is not a very fancy pub. Well, it now has its own home beer. Which is not quite true: when a pub says it has its own ale, it usually means some microbrewery changes the name and label of one of its products and sell it as something exclusive to this particular pub. The ale is called... Off the Rails. The kind of beer I love: dark brown and well, dark as a beer should be. And it would have been nice to have a name that plays on the proximity with the train station if it was not associated to a potentially deadly rail accident. Seriously, Off the Rails was the best thing they could come up with? I guess it could be an allusion to drunkenness. Still, if I was superstitious and taking the train after a quick stop at the pub, this would not fill me with confidence. Otherwise, a good beer like I like them.

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