Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Liverpool on the fast lane

It is my brother PJ that made me discover this: Liverpool, the city that adopted me for a year and where I spent one of the happiest year of my adult life, has opened the first ever pedestrian fast lane in the city centre. Now, some of you might think it is a sign of our hectic life being more hectic when one has to walk faster, but I think this is great news. My brother and I come from a family of fast walkers and thus so are we. So for people like us who walk fast, Liverpool understands that we need a way to go at our own beat and speed without being delayed or bumping into people who dowdle, text, are focusing on their mobile for whatever reason. Beside, I hate shopping, so any way that can make me shop faster and be done with it is always welcomed. So make no mistake: I find this lane genuine progress and a great contribution from the Scousers to civilisation. Am I the only one to welcome such a change?

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