Sunday 10 July 2016

Oxfordshire Folk Tales

When I go to The Wallingford Bookshop, I never fail to find treasures I could find nowhere else. My last visit was no different: I stumbled upon Oxfordshire Folk Tales and bought it on the spot. Wallingford being in Oxfordshire (albeit only very recently in its history), it made sense to find something about Oxfordshire lore in its independent bookshop. Okay, so as a disclaimer I must confess: I have not read it yet. But this is a book about folklore and tales from a specific region of England, so there is a fairly good chance that I will find in it some stories I have never read or even never heard about and this will fuel my imagination for months to come. Whether it is great, or even good literature or not is beside the point: I am a sucker for old tales and obscure, sometimes forgotten stories. Every time I travel to a region of England I try to get my hands on some books of local legends and I am never disappointed when I find one. So I have a good feeling about this one. And it has a rabbit (or a hare?) on it. And that is cool.

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