Sunday, 24 July 2016

A pirate's treasure and its guardian

I took this picture in Dartmouth Castle during our holidays in Devon. They make a big case of piracy in the castle, not always in an historically accurate way, but more in its more popular and fictitious aspects. Like I mentioned in previous blog posts in French, I really loved it and actually regretted not having visited such a place when I was a child. I associate summertime with piracy and our make belief games when I was child were often pirates' adventures and of course treasure hunts. So this display, with the treasure chest and the skeleton guarding it (was he merely a greedy buccaneer obsessed by his loot, or is he an undead who will be animated if someone tries to snatch the chest from his grasp?), really spoke to me and fired up my imagination. Yes it is naive, but it is very enjoyable all the same.

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