Saturday, 2 July 2016

Tea on the beach?

I took this picture from the Facebook page of David's Tea. I'm sure they don't mind, I give them plenty of free publicity. Anyway, this photo was uploaded to advertise their new collection of mugs, apparently called "beachy keen". I love tea all year round and virtually everywhere and at any time except heatwave and even then. I had tea on a hot Summer day, but never on the beach, although I can see the rationale behind it. I mean with cool breezes coming from the sea, and the smell of it in the air, it just calls for a nice hot cuppa. I remember one of my housemates in Liverpool of Middle Eastern origins, who told me that tea was perfect for summer days as the hot beverage actually cooled you down. Something to do with metabolism. I don't know about that, but I could certainly drink tea on the beach, and not only iced tea. And as usual, David's Tea makes great designs for their mugs.

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