Saturday, 9 July 2016

A Mountain Warehouse in town

Here is another bit of trivial local news that actually made my day and might make this town a better place to live in. My readers know that for some obscure reasons I love the products of Mountain Warehouse, even though I don't do outdoor activities much, I mean by this that I am not a trekker or into outdoor sports and activities. In fact, I only ever bought one single clothe from them, a green fleece, and it was because it was reduced to clear. All the same, I am very fond of the fleece and love their comfy clothes and since I purchased that fleece I have been wanting to buy more products from them. So anyway, my wife told me yesterday that apparently they were going to open a Mountain Warehouse shop in this town. Brilliant! For once we will have an affordable shop and not an expensive upmarket boutique! And more importantly: a shop I love to begin with.

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