Monday, 18 July 2016

The return of Spero Lucas?

I recently found on YouTube this fascinating interview (in the form of a conversation) with George Pelecanos, my favourite crime writer, made during one of his visits in France, where I hope he is getting better known. Among the many interesting things he talked about, he discussed in details about his latest hero, private investigator and Iraq war veteran Spero Lucas, whom we have seen in The Cut, The Double and in one short story of The Martini Shot. In the latter, he was briefly mentioned in a story that was about his family. After finishing The Martini Shot, I am now up to date with all the published work of Pelecanos and need to wait until he publishes new novels or reread his old ones. And I am impatient to read more about Spero Lucas, who is a very modern take on the private eye archetype. And I learned in the interview that Pelecanos is actually working on the pilot of a TV series based on Spero Lucas. What can I say? That is uber-cool. I guess I might have to wait until the project gets made, if it ever gets made, but I keep my fingers crossed. Either on the screen or on a page, I think I can safely expect the return of Spero Lucas. And that is good news.

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