Sunday 20 March 2011

Springtime melancholia

This picture was taken last April in Parc Laurier in Montreal. It was taken in April, but it looks a bit like it is here and now (in Montreal it is still snowy). Today was the beginning of Spring. And maybe it is because it is Sunday, maybe because the trees are still bare, but when I went out today I felt strangely melancholic. Autumn is usually the season associated with melancholia, but early spring, with its bare trees and its changing nature (warm one day, chilly the other) can give you a bit of a blues too. At least autumn is colourful, while springtime like this is desperately not. It may be warm, it does not look warm.


Anonymous said...

Autumn is like surrendering, death. The earth resigns herself to it, and seems at times to age gracefully. But Spring is a rebirth, a struggle against death, as if the last breath of winter tries to deny the trees sunlight, the flower warmth. I can see it in the branches of those trees. A lovely photograph, and thought provoking words. Thank you Guillaume. I hope that Monday lets the sun out a little, and banishes your Sunday melancholy:-)

The Gill-Man said...

I don't usually feel melancholy during Spring, once it really kicks in, but I DAMN sure feel that way throughout March. If it weren't for St. Patrick's Day, I'd declare the whole month a complete waste!

PJ said...

Moi, je l'ai mauditement bien commencé le printemps. Alors je suis mélancolique un peu pas mal itou.