Saturday 5 March 2011

A bookworm's Saturday

I did not want to go out today and I barely did. I know what I said about walking nowhere, but after a search today on the net there was no nowhere nearby that inspired me enough, no little village I wanted to see, or maybe I was just too tired. I feel like an hermit anyway these days. I say hermit, but it is maybe more a monk, as I have decided stay in and read. I went out once today, but it was to visit the local library and get some more books, among them a book about Stonehenge, just because. I love just stumbling on some random work and just get it. However small is the local library, I love re-exploring it. I am a bookworm, sometimes a caricature of one: the glasses, the slight frowning when I read, the trepidation when I am looking at bookshelves. I feel very much like one today.

Circumstances seem to favour my natural state of mind: last Thursday was the World Book Day and there are still loads of programs that is celebrating it on the BBC. I am not reading anything profound at the moment, not great classic or obscure masterpieces, but I read. And I enjoy it tremendously.


Dmarie said...

I love the library too...all those books just waiting for ME to crack them open! I always have a pile of reading material I've brought home from the library, but I confess that reading online cuts into my book reading. gotta work on that!

suzanne said...

Sounds like a perfect day! I need to make time for more days like that. :)

Anonymous said...

As a child there was a programme on television hosted by a character called Benny Bookworm. He wore huge round black glasses, and he spoke in a very low, and solemn voice. Now I dont know what you look like, but this post reminds me of him, a character in my far, and distant past. I also now have a great urge to go to my local library, and sit amongst all those leaves of knowledge, and fiction :-)