Tuesday 1 March 2011

Going in the middle of nowhere

This picture was taken last year, in an English village in the middle of nowhere. This is where there was that great old pub with the mysterious/sinister well. You can also see a picture of the windmill here. I thought about it today and I discovered that I haven't done that in a while: having a long walk in the middle of nowhere.

I love talking walks, whether it is in town, in a city I love or in the woods. These days I don't take evening walks, maybe it is because of the season and because my work leaves me tired in the evening, but I don't take day walks much either. I should discipline myself and be a bit more active. I could make up for it by taking a real long walk in a place I don't know or know little. This is what I really long for: a long walk in the British countryside, on a crisp cold day. Going up a hill, then down the hill, then stop in a local pub (hopefully a rustic one), drink some real ale and have a hearty meal and walk some more. There is something about going to a place you don't know about, especially when it is remote and not spoiled by the presence of tourists (which you are not, as you know of this place and tourists don't). I don't make enough of this country's nowhere I think.


suzanne said...

That sounds wonderful. Especially the part about the rustic pub. :D

Dmarie said...

walks off the beaten track are particularly satisfying, but kinda fun to explore the cities too. This Kentucky girl just got back from an adventure in San Diego...left my footprints in as many places there as possible in a few days. ;)

Mozart's Girl said...

'This country's nowhere' - I love that line Guillaume! I'm very lucky to walk every day in the hills above our town as we have a little dog who makes sure I get out there whatever the weather! She works wonders! I always feel so much better when I've walked...it clears my brain. Even when I wasn't too keen to go I'm glad I did. Lovely photos too xo Rachel

Anonymous said...

The change in seasons stirs the ancient spirit within us, that would have seen our ancestors moving on with the seasons to new pastures, greener grazing grounds. So its not suprising that as Spring starts to peep it's head around the corner that your feet grow restless, and that you want to go walking in country woods or concrete jungles. Nowhere is always somewhere when you have breathed it's air or perhaps drunk it's ale. And if it's a special nowhere...ssh...keep it secret :-) Happy walking.

Guillaume said...

@Halloween Spirit-There are so many rustic pubs to visit still... Some are surviving, anyway.
@Dmarie-Thanks for commenting on my blog! Where/how did you find it? I enjoy walking in the city too.
@Mozart's Girl-Thanks! I guess what I need is a dog, but I am more of a cat person.
@Anonymous-Maybe it is the seasonal change, although it certainly feels like winter here, more than it did last month! Whatever it is, I feel the need to see the outside world a bit more.

Dmarie said...

Hi, G, I think I found your blog by clicking on a comment you left on some other blog site. One of my favorite things to do is to blog hop, and I visited several new blogs yesterday, so I couldn't even tell you where I might've found your comment! glad I did tho'!