Friday 4 March 2011

Proper puttanesca

I thought I would make a lighter post tonight. It's Friday, I'm tired, I want to write something inspired this weekend, but until then let's talk about food and Italy. This is not a food blog, at least this is not a cooking blog. I do blog about food, but it's often an excuse to talk about something else, homesickness, civilisation, primitive societies, old friends, etc. I blogged about puttanesca before. Not so long ago, I saw this video on Youtube, watched it with actually great interest. I never watch cooking programs, they bore me to tears! But this one I did, because it was in Italian, because underneath the English dubbing I could understand the Italian, which always makes me feel quite happy. It is Friday, so people who might be into Fish Friday here might want to have a look at this recipe of a proper puttanesca. I was about to say "a decent puttanesca", but that sounds very weird for a meal that was allegedly served in brothels. There is nothing decent about puttanesca, it has the delicious taste of venial sin. I do make a good if unorthodox one myself, which I eat ravenously.

Anyway, this is a first: a cooking video on Vraie Fiction. I am a bit surprised I am putting it here. I don't even think it is a very good video. It's just a recipe really. But it is an Italian one, and that is good enough for me.

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