Saturday 26 March 2011

A place high up a hill

This picture was taken last Easter at Montmorency Falls in Québec (more about it here), where we went with my family (direct one plus uncle, aunt from Haïti and my cousin). We had a drink there. I was watching the pictures from this trip earlier on, feeling homesick and all., which is often my state of mind, especially since I haven't been home for a while. Montmorency Falls is a magnificent place, just remote enough, but I thought it looked like a wasteland a bit. It must be much nicer in Autumn and I hope to get there at that time one day.

The trees were bare and Strangely enough, it is not so much the falls which I really enjoyed, but the chalet on top. I had a beer (a Boréale rousse) on the patio outside and it was lovely. One does not need more to be happy. Even with tourists all around, it felt remote and quiet. I felt in the middle of nowhere.

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Cynthia said...

I miss home too when I think of all the beautiful places we have!