Tuesday 29 March 2011

Glimpses of an academic past

I received the newsletter from my publisher (the publisher of my thesis) and I flickered through what has been released recently, or are about to be released. I find it always a bit surreal getting memorabilia from my academic past, whether it is from my time as a student, a researcher or a teacher. It does not feel like so long ago I was keeping an eye on everything I could find related to my subject of thesis or to a class I would give (ah, Liverpool). Sometimes I miss academia. I did feel a bit like it flicking through the newsletter.

I wonder who buys these books. In my past life, I would have borrowed many of them in the university library. Had I become a full-time academic, I probably would have bought some of them. Now the price is just prohibitive. My own work did not sell much, not enough anyway for me to make any kind of profit on it yet. And it took so long to get published that I never really appreciated it. I look at the book on the shelves and it is one of the relics of my academic past.


PJ said...

T'a-t-on cité quelque part au moins?

Guillaume said...

Pas que je sache non. On a critiqué le livre, oui, un peu.

Anonymous said...

But what an accomplishment none the less. I hope that are proud of it, as you should be:-)

Cynthia said...

Yes you should be proud of it!

I was the kind of person who bought those kind of books: my university library was about as nice as the one from my high school !

Guillaume said...

@Anonymous-Thank you. I am proud, sometimes. I feel quite far away from academia most of the time, so I sometimes feel like this is another guy who got this book published.
@Cynthia-SThanks. And seriously? Well you might want to consider buying another one, I have a suggestion...;-)