Friday 25 March 2011

An anecdotal ghostly apparition

Life repeats itself, so I get repetitive when I blog. It happens sometimes. I never get used to it. It happened before, a month or so after I started working where I am, I saw some students from the school I used to work. Ir rather, they saw me, I didn't recognised them. When I got back home from work this evening, I saw another student from the school, a teenage girl (14? 15?), in her school uniform this time so she looked more familiar. At least I knew she was from the school I used to work with. She was holding a plastic cup of coffee (or hot chocolate or whatever) and she looked a bit quizzically at me, then pointed at me and said "Guillaume!". I wonder if it was a way for her to say hello, or if she stated that she remembered my name and who I was, or whatever else. I don't think it was unfriendly, but I do find it slightly irritating to be labelled as that French teacher or worse that French teaching assistant, still. I just said "Yes it's me" and carried on walking. There was no need to say more.

Yet, it got me thinking. A year ago, I was working there, feeling pretty much in a dead end again, not hoping much to get a proper teaching career out of it. Actually, it was not even a year ago that I was still working for them, feeling pretty much fed up about it in spite of having good colleagues. I think I am done with teaching, at least for a while. I do not feel the same sense of vocation with my current job, I have lousy days sometimes, yet I have to admit that it has been better for me than what I had in the last three years. If anything, it showed me that I could do other things. Yet to some I am still a teacher.

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