Monday 28 March 2011

Like a ton of bricks

The title I used for this post is a cliché in crime fiction, especially the hardboiled fiction I love. I love some clichés, even tropes like this one, at least when they come from genres I love. I like this one enough to make it a blog post title. There is a good excuse to use it, as I did feel that I had been hit by a ton of bricks today: clocks moved forward this weekend by an hour and I slept little last night. So I was tired, exhausted, under the radar, what have you, throughout all day. Mondays are generally difficult, today was worse. It was a long day, an even longer morning, I hope I will have an early night.


PJ said...

Une amie Facebook (camarade de classe du secondaire) avait fait la remarque que le changement d'heure du printemps devrait être le lundi après-midi, de 2 à 3. Il se perdrait moins d'heures de travail de cette façon et pas de sommeil du tout.

Guillaume said...

Ce serait une bonne chose en effet. Je m'en remets à peine aujourd'hui.

Anonymous said...

Sounds dreadful. Hope that your body clock comes right soon. Tick tock tick tock...:-)