Monday 14 March 2011

The Rocky Road to Dublin

No, I am not travelling to Ireland any time soon, sadly. I am staying here, but it is going to be soon Saint Patrick's Day, and it means that I am in an Irish mood: I listen to Irish music and long for Ireland. I have been to Dublin only once in my life, more than ten years ago and I have been wanting to go back since then. So I decided to put here an Irish folk song, because it is the time of the year and because it illustrates my mood. This is The Rocky Road to Dublin, interpreted (again) by the Dubliners, a very difficult song to sing (I won't even dare to try just yet), but so very easy to listen to. This is for me the perfect road song, the one I think about when I feel like stretching my legs and leaving for a few days to a strange land or a place I could call home (in Dublin's case, it is a bit of both).


Anonymous said...

Feet tapping stuff. Imagine dancing a reel to that! Apart from Guiness, I love everything Irish. Early Happy St Patrick's day to you:-)

Guillaume said...

Guinness is great too, but treacherous.