Thursday 17 March 2011

Another Saint Patrick's Day

As I am blogging this, I have two pints of Guinness in the body and head (especially head), a bit of Irish stew in the stomach (maybe too little, I should have had a second serving and wouldn't be feeling so dizzy). I have been to the local Irish pub and yes, if it sounds familiar it's because it is. You know why I am celebrating and so should you. I have little to say. I am not drunk, not nearly enough to write a prayer to Saint Patrick this time (I still think what I wrote then was pretty good for someone who was half drunk). I don't know exactly what to blog about this time, I feel lost for words. Like all holidays, the build up is more enjoyable than the day itself. So instead of blogging again about my love for Ireland, I will just put here another Irish song. Chosen at random, or almost. I have been listening to Irish since early March, I probably will until the end of the month. Next time, it will be something else than the Dubliners, promised. But until then, this is Whiskey in the Jar. Somehow it reminds of Barry Lyndon, and in particular this scene for some reason.


Anonymous said...

Two pints of Guinness, and a little bit of stew...this sounds like a song in itself :-) Now if you had started to see little men dressed in green I would say that you had too much Guiness. But you don't mention them, and managed to write a post, so it seems that you had a lovely time. No mention of dancing a reel though...perhaps you did when no one was watching? :-)

suzanne said...

It would be interesting to know just how many "cover versions" of this song have been recorded. CBC radio played a medley of them yesterday, including The Dubliners version. And of course, I heard it again at my local pub.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Guillaume said...

@Anonymous-It takes a lot more alcohol than what I had to make me dance, believe me!
@Halloween Spirit-I know mainly the one of the Dubliners.