Tuesday 15 March 2011

The Ides of March

Well, a quick post as I am tired, but I couldn't forget about this one: it is the Ides of March today and I thought it had to be mentioned. Julius Caesar was murdered that day. So I just thought that I would put a here the murder scene from Rome, one of my favourite TV series as a sort of sinister commemoration. With the magnificent Ciaran Hinds as Caesar. I know I have put a lot of Youtube videos on my blog recently, but that is fitting to a gloomy middle of March.


Sylvie said...

Three years ago I was in Rome and I brought a bunch of flowers to Caesar's Temple. My personal celebration. I did not know, on this very day, that I'd be able to tell my story to Ciarán Hinds a few months later.

As an amateur historian and egyptologist, I've always been fascinated by Julius Caesar and I think that Ciarán Hinds is the best Caesar ever seen on screen.

Greetings from France.


Guillaume said...

Hey thank you for commenting and welcome to Vraie Fiction! Where/how did you find it?

Sylvie said...

Everyday I check the news about Julius Caesar, Ramses the Great and... Ciarán Hinds. That's how I've found you.

And I love the Dubliners too!