Monday 21 March 2011

Three cats on the railway

Another post on the little details that make life: there are three cats in the small train station I take to go to/from work. I usually see them in the evenings, waiting for the train home. One is the black cat that I see from time to time, there is a black but white on the belly, neck and paw (which I nicknamed Guinness) and another is a black and white spotty cat, smaller, barely older than a kitten. They are feral: I tried to stroke Guinness once he was on the gate, he just ran back on the rail. I don't think they have collars. They are quite brave, just walking like this on the railway. I would say fearless if they didn't seem so scared of me. I don't know why, but I find these untamed cats fascinating. Wild felines on the railway.

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Anonymous said...

Cats are fearless. Sometimes foolish since I have had to rescue our Tammy from a tree she bravely climbs, and then can't get down. She loves a game of hide and seek too, and to climb into any box, packet or any open cupboard. They are lovable creatures, stubborn, and fearless, and so I understand your fascination with the railway cats. The cat is a wonderful creature, and impossible to ignore...they wouldnt allow that anyway:-)